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Fifteen years focused on hardware screws products custom processing

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Why choose hong sheng da?Why choose us ?Choose hong sheng da5The big reason,To build international precision hardware industry benchmarking brand

01International quality Strive for perfectionPrecision metal products and automation peripherals suppliers as a whole

Many years of professional r&d and production of precision metal processing industry related products,Continuously explore and to forge a professional efforts/The high quality enterprise;

2000Square meters of production base,Introduced how many sets of import production testing equipment;

Can provide customers with design Research and development Production Sales Service of precision metal products and automation peripherals suppliers as a whole;

02Rapid response abilityStandard orders the fastest24Hours of shipment

Hongsheng pport each order follow up,From the communication,Design、To open mold proofing、Clearly to the batch production process、Steps to open and transparent,Progress at any time。

The advanced management system+Efficient production mode,Ensure that the product delivered in a timely manner;Standard products are stocked with inventory for a long time,The fastest24Hours can be shipped。

03Strong production strengthCreate precision hardware,Non-standard equipment series of product manufacturing experts

Hong sheng da not content to just do the traditional standard hardware products,Actively seek to develop in the high-end market,Promote industrial upgrading puts forward higher requirements on the precision of the products。

The advanced management system+Hongsheng from the United States、Taiwan to introduce high precisionCNCLathe,Numerical control lathe,Automatic lathe、Multi-station die four,Two mold four etc. The advanced equipment,Lay the foundation for excellent product quality

04Strong r&d team Just to provide a better product

The company has10More research and development team,To be a high quality in the world、A high level、Professional team;

The advanced management system+Company annual foreign delegation composed of professional team learning communication with industry well-known enterprises;

Every year regularly publish two or more since the major research products,In order to meet the market demand;

05Integration of industry resources Is committed to providing comprehensive services easy

With years of industry's agriculture,The integration of various resources,As long as provide customer demand,Other to us!

Pre-sale:Senior technical engineer according to different customers,Free issue solution、Improved deepen the drawings

Sale:Customers can do inventory for long-term cooperation,Convenient and orders at any time,For customers to save time

After sales:Professional customer service team7*24Hours online consultation,For customer questions,For the first time A reply, Speed to create value

Into the hong sheng daSeeing is believing We sincerely invite the general intention to customersCome to the inspection visitSeeing is believing that we invite the majority of customers to visit the factory inspection intention

Shenzhen hongsheng precision metal products co., LTD

Shenzhen hongsheng precision metal products co., LTD

Shenzhen hongsheng hardware products co., LTD specializing in the production of standard and non-standard male imperial screws,Nut,The hollow nail,The rivet,Corns,Spring washers,Spring,Metal stamping parts,Stainless steel,Copper,Iron,Aluminum precision automatic lathe parts,Shenzhen hongsheng has advanced production equipment,Advanced quality detector and cutting-edge technical personnel,Able to undertake large quantities of orders,And can guarantee the quality of the product and delivery time。

We adhere to"The quality strives for the survival,The credibility of development"The aim of providing quick service to customers,According to your company to provide model specification of the order,Welcome to contact your company for cooperation。

Products are widely used in high-end electronics,Electrical appliances,The computer,The camera,The lamp,The instrument,Toys,Furniture and other kinds of products。

We have all kinds of material products、Electroplating and all kinds of color can do according to customer's request the eu environmental regulations!
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